SlenderCancer’s Miner’s Haven | Auto Farm | Auto Rebirth | Spoofer

Made By SlenderCancer

An OP GUI for Miner’s Haven with the following Features :

– Auto Rebirth (Super Fast, delay between rebirthing and loading layout is as fast as it can be)
-Wait To Skip Lives
-Auto Pulsar
-Auto Remote
-Crate TP
-Auto Open Crates

-Upgrader Beam Size Change (Up to two at once)
-Lock Ore Rotation (For More Consistent Railgun Turns)
-Heart of Void Portable TP (Teleports all eyes to selected upgrader)

-Rebirth Webhook Logger (Shows name, life number, seconds it took for that rebirth, and skipped lives, and items you got, as well as your local time)
-Shiny Webhook Logger (Shows what shiny you got, and what life you got it at)
-Ping on shiny option (Pings you when you get a shiny, works with shiny webhook Logger)
(URLs and ID configs save, so you only have to input it once)

-View all 8 leaderboards while farming, instead of having to teleport to the boards and see, these leaderboards are completely integrated into the GUI
Note: If the order for players are jumbled, it is because you executed when leaderboards were refreshing, just wait a couple minutes and it should fix itself
-Refresh leaderboards button (refreshes the ui leaderboard to match the in game one, if it updated again) 

-Open craftsman, masked man, and spook mcdook guis
-Teleports (your base, masked man, fargield, daegel, wizard tower, spookmcdook)

-3 External Layout Slots (NOT YOUR IN GAME ONES), these save to a file in your synapse workspace and you can save and load with ease using the gui
-Copy Layout (Copy any player’s layout that is in your server and loads it onto your base)

-movement (walkspeed and jumppower)
-Always Day/Night
-Explosion invisibility
-Optimize Game (Deletes entire map except for your base, but you have to rejoin the game to get it back)
-Auto Presents (For christmas event, just make a setup that produces a present, and then turn it on)
-Stop rebirthing when (Turns off the auto rebirth feature when you reach a selected amount of lives or when you get a certain slipstream)
-Toggle GUI (Customizable bind to toggle the gui, default is right ctrl)

-teleports to any place under the Miners Haven experience
Note: Teleporting to the Temple lets you skip the heart of void maze, and it gives you the badge as well as ability to collect forbidden tome.
-executing gui in john doe area will load up an auto completer
-executing gui in the normal void maze will load up an auto completer

-Stats Spoof (Changes your stats and rebirths and rebirth price to “Slender”)
-Character Spoof (Makes your character have no clothing, so your viewers cannot identify you)
-Invisible Base (Makes every item on your base invisible, so mods cant ban you from seeing your setup if you’re streaming/recording)