Roblox unConventional GUI New June

Made By Babyhamsta#0173

[Image: HsJO1XB.png]

An OP GUI for unConventional with the following Features :

  • Anti Music
  • Anti Knockback/Stun/Freeze (No more time freezes or knockbacks)
  • Anti Flash (No more flash bangs)
  • Anti AFK (Auto completes the AFK GUI [Not fully sure if it stops your XP from gaining, I have to do more testing!])
  • Game Anti AFK (Uses Virtual user to stop ROBLOX Client from kicking, allowing you to sit AFK all night and collect money)
  • Punch Aura (Auto hard punches people you come close to, knocking them back)
  • God Mode (This will heal you up so fast no one will be able to kill you. YOU NEED TO HAVE THE HEALING ABILITY TO USE THIS!)