Roblox Fix Factory Tycoon GUI New March

Made By mulgerro

Roblox Fix Factory Tycoon Hack Script GUI

An OP GUI for Fix Factory Tycoon with the following Features :

  • Warehouse Doors – will teleport warehouse “garage” doors in front of Tix Factory to bring Packet Tix faster in warehouse. (also Twitter code APRIL2019 will give you april fools car that useful for beginning)
  • Cave Flower – if you haven’t collect CFs yet, this might be useful
  • Yellow Flower – same thing but its before Cave Flowers, actually
  • Bunker Keycard – this is early in the game but you need reborn 1 (or 2, forgot) to get balloon to reach out for it. (or use ctrl+del script to delete things around it, and reach for it. I tried it already)
  • Egg – also early in game + its easy to find but I still made ESP for it.
  • Will teleport ores to you. Some might work, some won’t. Depends on how far you have advanced in the game or some ores require suit (yellow/blue/red or get black one which is 500robux and access things faster)