Devil Fruit Finder/Sniper Blox Fruits – GET ALL FRUITS!

fruit sniper

Devil Fruit Sniper script, find fruits in no time!


  1. Download & place script in auto execute folder
  2. Join a game in Blox Fruits
  3. Inject your Roblox Exploit & execute script
  4. If there are fruits in the server, it will grab all of them for you
    4.1 Store all the fruits yourself within 20 seconds
    4.2 After 20 seconds, it’ll teleport you to a new server
    4.3 Repeat
  5. If there aren’t any fruits in the server, it’ll teleport you to a new server
  6. Repeat

How do I download a Roblox Script?

  1. Click on the red download button below
  2. Complete all necessary tasks and continue
  3. Copy the script
  4. Paste & execute into any Roblox Exploit, enjoy!