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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use/run a Roblox script?
  • – You need a Lua Script Executor to use a Roblox Script; you can install any one you choose from our site, however Furk Ultra is our top pick. In Roblox games, script executors allow you to execute scripts into the game. Open any Roblox game after installing a script executor, inject it into Roblox, and then put your script into the execution tab. Finally, click the execute button.
Where can I install a Roblox Exploit/Script Executor
  • – On our website, under the “Exploits” tab, you can find a wide range of script executors. Furk Ultra is the best free exploit available right now, so we recommend it. If you need a Paid exploit, we recommend Synapse X. For Mac & Linux, try Fluxus or Script Ware out. Finally, for Android, we recommend Arceus X.
Are Roblox Scripts safe
  • – Yes, LUA scripts are not harmful to your computer because they are only limited to exploit the Roblox game and nothing else. Downloading scripts from is extra safe because we have a team that only provides scripts from reliable sources, so there is no need to be concerned.
Are Free Roblox Exploits safe?
  • – Because of the nature of software manipulation, Roblox exploits are misunderstood. Anti-virus/anti-malware programs are unreliable when it comes to checking exploit safety, and the majority of flags are false positives. only provides exploits from reliable sources.
How often do you upload Roblox Scripts here?
  • – Every day, without fail, we upload several scripts to the website.
    Every time you visit, you’ll discover a new set of scripts to try out.